What FACE Offers

FACE is a private, independent school, founded in 1996 to support and enhance the homeschooling experience of families in Colorado and worldwide. It also serves as an official records-only program for Colorado homeschoolers that satisfies homeschooling law in Colorado. Whether you join as a Full-Access Family Membership, Records-only Membership* or choose to participate in services A la Carte, FACE offers numerous opportunities for your homeschooling student to participate in the activities listed below. Participate as much or little as you desire.

Full-Access Family Membership in FACE offers:

Academic and Organizational

•    Enrollment in an independent, private school for state recordkeeping and/or classes
•    Access to over 70 weekly classes for students and parents as developed by the Academy
•    Full-Access Enrollment enjoy access to classes and 15% off all classes
•    Weekly "Info to Know" e-mails
•    FACE website access with resources and calendar
•    Confidential record keeping
•    National and International travel programs for grades 5-12
•    Proctored annual achievement testing for grades K-12 at cost (Optional)
•    Warren Tech partnership
•    Work Permits
•    Official Transcripts and Diplomas 
•    Annual continuation/awards and commencement ceremonies
•    Report cards, certificates and awards
•    Proctored PSAT every October
•    High School transcript consultations
•    Confidential Testing and Evaluations (Optional)
•    Families can choose their own curriculum
•    Monthly “Share Table” of homeschool supplies and more
•    Annual school portraits
•    Student ID and teacher ID cards 
•    Honor Roll
•    National Honor Society
•    Lettering programs
•    Community service opportunities
•    Field trips pertaining to offered classes

Performances and Ceremonies

•    All-school award and talent show
•    Graduation Ceremonies
•    Share Fair – annual opportunity for students to display their work in any subject                                                                                                                                           •    Fall recital 

Social Activities

•    High School Prom
•    Senior Brunch 
•    Teen social activities
•    Field trips to interesting and fun places (MLB games, area farms, etc.)
•    Annual Yearbook


Parental Support

• Home School Legal Defense Association membership discount
• Fundraising programs to help families off-set class tuition, activities and fees
• Parent Informational Seminars
• Official record of grades for the “Good Student” car insurance discount

* FACE’s Records-only Family members pay additional fees for the services listed above.