2016/2017 Classes

Below is our updated list of classes.  However, if you would like to view a PDF with all of the classes (for printing or local viewing) then download the PDF file found below.

NOTE:  Students 6 years of age or older, must be enrolled with FACE to attend classes.

Please read this information, Class Descriptions, and any other applicable information before signing up for classes.  Thank you!

Class Registration and Tuition:

  • Class registration takes place the 3rd week of the month for the next month.  Signups will be accepted up to one week later, but will be assessed a $10 late charge.  No signups will be accepted more than one week late.  This does not apply to first-time signups of new families.
  • Classes are paid monthly per four week session. 
  • There may be additional supply fees or other stipulations depending on the needs of the class (including class size limits).  Refer to the Class Descriptions for this information.  One-time fees are to be paid directly to the teachers.  If they are not paid promptly, your child may not receive full benefit of the class.  All fees are non-refundable.
  • Payment in full is required at time of signup.  Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card or Paypal.  Classes are non-refundable and students must continue with their scheduled classes until the next signup.
  • Classes offer a wide variety of educational, spiritual, patriotic, moral and creative opportunities.  It is the parent’s full responsibility to understand the class content and determine if the material is appropriate for his/her student and to ensure that you are in agreement with what is covered and discussed.  Parents are encouraged to attend classes as often as they like.


FACE classes are held at Northglenn Christian Church (NCC) at the corner of 105th and Irma in Northglenn.  The church is very generous to our organization through the use of their facility. 

• While on the church premises, all parents and children are required to observe posted signs limiting access to certain areas of the facility.

• FACE members are expected to show appreciation of the facility by maintaining its cleanliness, respecting church staff and accommodating other church events.  Northglenn Christian Church is a blessing that must not be taken for granted. 

• Please remember that we only use this facility for classes – if you have questions about FACE or our classes, please call FACE, not the church.


Visiting privileges are reserved ONLY for families who are possibly interested in homeschooling through FACE. 

• All visitors must check-in at the Main table, and may tour the facility with a representative from FACE. 

• Visitors will be issued passes and may visit for a single day for observational purposes without financial responsibility. 

Children enrolled in other schools may NOT visit, or assist in, classes due to lack of classes at their school, etc… unless there are extenuating circumstances, previously approved by Administration.   

• FACE Members that are not signed up for classes, may NOT visit classes unless there are extenuating circumstances, and pre-approved by Administration.

 Friday Arrival and Departure: 

• Friday school currently operates from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM with occasional events offered 
in the afternoon. 
• NO students should arrive in a class before 8:25 AM (or their first class).
• ALL students must be picked up promptly at the end of their scheduled day.  
Arriving and departing promptly ensures the next scheduled event at NCC will run 

Adult Supervision Required Information:

  • Parents must provide appropriate adult supervision to ensure the safety of their children when their child is not in a class, this includes lunch break. 
  • Students are NOT allowed on the premises without parental, or parental appointed adult, supervision.  This means that your child must be enrolled in a class or in close physical proximity to their parent, or previously appointed adult, at all times
  • FACE, and/or Administration, is not responsible for children left unattended, and teachers are not responsible for supervision of children between classes.  It is important that current cell phone/emergency numbers be on file with the school.
  • It is critically important for students to be supervised at all times.  Therefore, students are not allowed to wander or hang out in the hallways, empty rooms, parking lot areas, or anywhere outdoors, unless accompanied by their parent or appointed adult. 
  • Students not enrolled in a class, and not under adult supervision, will be asked to stay at the Main Desk and there will be a $20 charge for students not supervised, per incident.
  • Students should move from class to class without running, yelling, or horseplay, being considerate of others and respectful of the church property.
  • We understand that sometimes a student just cannot find a class during a certain hour, or it is not financially feasible for a student to have a class each hour.  In light of that, students will be allowed to be in “Study” a MAXIMUM of 1 class period, without charge, however, students must remain in common area with their parent at all times. 
  • Failure to remain in the common area, or be in direct supervision of an adult, will cause the student to lose this privilege.  There will be a $20 charge for students not supervised, or having more than 1(one) “study” time.
  • If a student fails to follow these rules, (s)he will no longer be granted access to classes. 

Class Cancellations: 

Should it become necessary to cancel classes due to inclement weather or a conflict with the church calendar (i.e. – funeral), every attempt will be made to contact you via email.  Please check your email Friday morning for any last minute announcements about classes.  Cancellations will also be announced on the school phone line at 303-204-5191.  Please be advised that should classes need to be cancelled, there will be NO makeup classes and NO refunds. 

Classroom Behavior:

• Students must show respect to the authority of teachers and FACE staff at all times. 

• During passing periods students must move quickly to their next scheduled class without loitering in the hallways. 

• Students should move from class to class without running, yelling, or horseplay, being considerate of others and respectful of the church property. 

• Remember the church is conducting business while we are there.  We need to share a true representation of homeschool families, our morals, responsibility, traditions, and our values.

What Not To Bring To School:

• Electronic equipment including, but not limited to, Game Boys, gaming systems, CD players, MP3 players, laptop computers, or any other electronic device not intended for class purposes.  Some of these items may be allowed in certain classes – it is at the teacher’s discretion. 

Cell phones must be on vibrate, or off, and put away while attending classes.  

• Inappropriate materials and activities such as tobacco, pets, cards, trading cards, hackie sack and role playing games are not allowed. 

• Any paraphernalia deemed as a possible weapon, including, but not limited to, knives, pocket knives, imitation or toy guns, etc…  There will be a “zero tolerance” policy in this area. 

• If above items are brought to school they will be confiscated and held at the Main Table. 

Please help us maintain a creative and educational environment by observing this policy.  

Health Information:

  • At the time of admission, FACE must be made aware of any drug reactions or allergies via the Enrollment Application; Disclosure, Authorization & Release page.
  • It is also the parent’s responsibility to make each teacher aware of said allergies.
  • Children should NOT attend classes, or be on the premises, when one of the following occurs: the child’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher, the child has diarrhea, or the child has vomited within the last 24 hours.        
  • When children have been diagnosed with a communicable illness (hepatitis, measles, mumps, diphtheria, rubella, salmonella, tuberculosis, giardia, shigella, etc.) and have been in contact with FACE students, the school staff should be notified as soon as possible.  At the discretion of the director, your child may be excluded from classes for a period of time prescribed by the child’s physician or the local health department.  Your child’s confidentiality is maintained.  Parents are expected to report exposure to any communicable illness.

Emergency Care:

Emergency Contact and Emergency Care Authorization information must be provided at enrollment via the Enrollment Application.  If a parent is absent, staff members will take necessary action with respect to emergency care.


  • First Stage: Our policy at FACE is to use redirection, grace and courtesy.  Redirection takes the student out of the difficult situation and presents new options and opportunities.  Our understanding of normal development stages and allowing the student the room to grow through those stages are an expression of grace.  Courtesy is the method we use to model the civil, kind and friendly behavior that is desired from the student.
  • Second Stage: When first stage discipline actions are not effective, a conference with the FACE director, parent and student must be scheduled to find a solution for the given problem.
  • Third Stage: When the discipline program fails and the student is not responding, it is at the director’s discretion to discontinue enrollment.
  • We reserve the right, at any time, to withhold service.

Dress Code:

FACE is a “come as you are” environment, we do ask that you use good judgment in choosing attire that would not be distracting to a learning environment.

Public Display of Affection:

Students may hold hands or offer a BRIEF hug of greeting or departure while in the hallways or common areas, anything else MUST be in the PRESENCE of the parent.

To sign up for a class, view the details of the class and choose the "Signup" button from the bottom of the page (only available to registered families of FACE).

Class_Descriptions 2016-2017c.pdf389.7 KB
Class Schedule 2016-2017f.pdf100.99 KB
Classsort icon Teacher Grade Hour Monthly Cost Room Number
ABC's 'N ART Mary Hernandez PreK - 2nd 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $25.00 209
Acting Up 1 Niki Nowell 6th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 Meeting Room
Acting Up II Niki Nowell 6th - 12th 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $22.00 Chapel
Adventures In Literature Toni Allison K - 5th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $21.00 108
Algebra 1 Beth Hunter 8th - 12th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $28.00 206
Algebra 2 Beth Hunter 9th - 12th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $28.00 206
Alpha-Fun Shannon Odegard PreK-1st 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $22.00 210
American and Colorado Story Veronica Gonzales 6th - 8th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 109
American Journey Sandra Northrup 2nd - 4th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $20.00 107
American Sign Language - Elementary Kelly Kniss 1st - 5th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 204
Animal Kingdom Art Dave Sullivan 2nd - 12th, parents 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 207
Ballet Class I Naomi Rivera PreK - K 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $30.00 Chapel
Ballet Class II Naomi Rivera 1st - 4th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $30.00 Chapel
Ballet Class III Naomi Rivera 5th - 8th 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $30.00 Gym
Beginning American Sign Language Nikki Runge 6th - 12th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 204
Biblical Hebrew Erica Beeson 3rd - 8th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 110
Biology & Lab Monica Herrera 9th - 12th 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $28.00 208
Boys Club Sarah Vickers 4th - 8th, BOYS 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $22.00 202
Cartooning Fun Dave Sullivan 3rd - 12th, parents 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 207
Chemistry and Lab Monica Herrera 10th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $28.00 208
Choir Mistie Brady 2nd - 12th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 Choir Room
Circle Time Shannon Odegard PreK - 2nd 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 106
Creative Clay Joy Nelson 2nd - 12th, parents 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $22.00 202
Crochet Creations Dawne Gomez 3rd - 12th, parents 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $20.00 204
Exploring Amazing Science Barb Scott 1st - 5th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 109
FIZZ - BANG - BOOM! Sandra Northrup K - 3rd 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $22.00 107
Foundations in Finances - HS (high School) Dawne Gomez 9th - 12th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $25.00 Meeting Room
Game On! Barb Scott 6th - 12th 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $22.00 Gym
General Science and Lab Monica Herrera 6th - 8th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $22.00 208
General Sewing 1st Hour Kordee Rose 3rd - 12th, parents - BOYS welcome! 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $20.00 210
General Sewing 2nd Hour Kordee Rose 3rd - 12th, parents - BOYS welcome! 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $20.00 210
Graphic Arts MUST HAVE LAPTOP Dave Sullivan 6th - 12th, parents 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $22.00 207
GUM for High School - Grammar, Usage and Mechanics Toni Allison 8th - 12th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $24.00 Meeting Room
High School Composition Mary Lanzvecchia 9th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $28.00 Bridal Room
High School Psychology Mary Lanzvecchia 9th - 12th 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $28.00 Bridal Room
History Fun for Young Ones Veronica Gonzales K - 5th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $24.00 109
Italian Cooking from the Heart Veronica Gonzales 7th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $26.00 Kitchen
Itsy Bitsy Readers Sarah Vickers PreK - 1st 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $22.00 106
Karate Club - elem Scott Pedersen 1st - 5th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $25.00 Student Center
Karate Club - HS Scott Pedersen 9th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $25.00 Student Center
Karate Club - MS Scott Pedersen 6th - 8th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $25.00 Student Center
Kids Can Cook Barb Scott 3rd - 7th 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $25.00 Kitchen
Learn to Love to Cook Barb Scott 8th - 12th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $25.00 Kitchen
Learning Thru Picture Books Regina Etter PreK-2nd 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $25.00 107
Life Skills Niki Nowell 6th - 12th 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $20.00 210
Lions, Lizards, & Lilies Sarah Vickers PreK - 3rd 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $22.00 209
Little's Kitchen Sarah Vickers K-4th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $24.00 Kitchen
Living Color Art Mary Hernandez 1st - 7th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $25.00 209
Math Study/Tutoring Cristal Sims 8th - 12th 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $20.00 209
Math-Tastic Games Shannon Odegard PreK-1st 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 106
Middle School Finances Dawne Gomez 6th - 8th 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $22.00 Meeting Room
Mixed Media Art Joy Nelson 3rd - 12th, parents 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 202
Music and Movement Shannon Odegard PreK - 3rd 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $20.00 Chapel
Music Theory Mistie Brady 9th - 12th 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $22.00 Choir Room
Pet Shop Math Regina Etter 4th - 8th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $22.00 110
Physical Education - P.E. elementary Martha Baker 1st - 5th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $20.00 gym
Physical Education - P.E. high school Martha Baker 9th - 12th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $20.00 gym
Physical Education - P.E. middle school Martha Baker 6th - 8th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $20.00 gym
Physical Science & Lab Monica Herrera 7th - 9th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $22.00 208
Piano/Voice 1st hour Mistie Brady K - 12th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $50.00 Choir Room
Piano/Voice 3rd hour Mistie Brady K - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $50.00 Choir Room
Pre-Algebra Beth Hunter 8th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $28.00 206
Reading, Writing, NO Math Dawne Gomez 6th - 8th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $24.00 108
Speech & Public Speaking Regina Etter 8th - 12th 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $25.00 Meeting Room
Timeless Fun For GIRLS Alyssa Ericksen K - 8th GIRLS 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $22.00 108
Tumbling Acro Dance I Kelly Granzin K - 3rd 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $22.00 Student Center
Tumbling Acro Dance II Kelly Granzin 4th - 12th 5th Hour (1:00-1:55) $22.00 Student Center
US Government and International Relations Mary Lanzvecchia 9th - 12th 2nd Hour (9:30-10:25) $28.00 Bridal Room
What a Novel Idea Kordee Rose 9th - 12th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $22.00 210
World Literature Mary Lanzvecchia 9th - 12th 1st Hour (8:30-9:25) $28.00 Bridal Room
Writing and Illustrating Children's Books Mary Hernandez 2nd - 7th 3rd Hour (10:30-11:25) $25.00 209
Writing for Success Kordee Rose 3rd - 12th (younger students will sit separately from older students.) 4th Hour (12:00-12:55) $22.00 207