2016 / 2017 Online Classes

Below is our list of online classes.  However if you would like to view a PDF with all of the classes (for printing or local viewing) then download them below.

Please read this and any other applicable information before signing up for classes.  Thank you!

All online student's classes will need internet access, computer/laptop, headset with a microphone (webcams tend to bring too much background noise for the overall cyber-class).

Registration & Tuition:

  • Class registration dates are noted on the Handy Reference Guide.  Signups will be accepted up to one week later, but will be assessed a $10 late charge.  No signups will be accepted more than one week late.  This does not apply to first-time signups of new families.
  • Classes are paid monthly per four week session. 
  • There may be additional supply fees or other stipulations depending on the needs of the class (including class size limits).  Refer to the Class Descriptions for this information.  One-time fees are to be paid directly to the teachers.  If they are not paid promptly, your child may not receive full benefit of the class.  All fees are non-refundable.
  • Payment in full is required at time of signup.  Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card or Paypal.  Classes are non-refundable and students must continue with their scheduled classes until the next signup.
  • Classes offer a wide variety of educational, spiritual, patriotic, moral and creative opportunities.  It is the parent’s full responsibility to understand the class content and determine if the material is appropriate for his/her student and to ensure that you are in agreement with what is covered and discussed.  Parents are encouraged to attend classes as often as they like.

To sign up for a class, view the details of the class and choose the "Signup" button from the bottom of the page (only available to registered Members of FACE).

Online Class Schedule 2016-17.pdf64.05 KB
ONLINE Class Descriptions 2016-17.pdf51.61 KB
Classsort icon Teacher Grade Monthly Cost
Spanish I ONLINE Monica Herrera 9th - 12th $25.00
Spanish II ONLINE Monica Herrera 10th - 12th $25.00
What a Novel Idea ONLINE Kordee Rose 9th - 12th $25.00
Writing for Success ONLINE Kordee Rose 3rd - 12th $25.00